Online Art Competition

Our Art Competition is an international on-line competition of fine art with a jury consisting of gallerists, cultural managers, artists, and the general public. The competition is open to all visual artists, emerging to established, 15 years of age or older. Please read the rules and most of all be creative and have fun!

Our aim is to discover artists with talent and a fresh vision, and to provide them with exposure and extensive marketing of their art and accomplishments to our international list of clientele.

The competitions take place every three months. The submission of works for the current competition opens on 01 January 2017. The submission deadline is the last day of June (30 June 2017).

The jury’s selection takes place immediately after the closing of the submissions, and the winners will be announced on the website and personally contacted by the 15th of the next month, at the latest.


The top 3 artists win free gallery representation and extensive marketing by Haute Collage. They will have the right to exhibit their winning work at Haute Collage, Whiteleys Shopping Centre, Queensway, Central London, as following: The first winner will have the right to exhibit his/her winning piece at our gallery space for three months, the second winner for two months, and the third winner for one month or until their work gets sold. In this later case, the gallery will only be entitled to a 20% of the sale price of the work. All prices are set up by the artists themselves, and the gallery has no right to increase or discount those prices without the artists’ consent.

The winning pieces will also be presented in our newsletters, with description and analysis of each piece, presentation of the artists, and –if applicable- link to their individual websites. The newsletters reach monthly our worldwide list of clientele which has been developed over the last years and consists of art buyers, collectors, developers, interior designers, curators.

All entries including the 3 winners will be visible on our website with information about the artist, the work, the medium used, and the price. In case an on-line exhibit gets sold through our website, Haute Collage will be entitled to a 30% of the sale price. Only exceptions are the 3 winning pieces for which applies the 20%. All prices are set up by the artists themselves. The winning artists should bring/ send their original artwork to Haute Collage at their own expenses, where our staff will confirm its excellent condition before it is despatched to the buyer. Postage/ delivery expenses are charged to the artist. This is also the case, if a painting/ sculpture/ photograph/ ceramic gets sold through Haute Collage’s website. The artists are responsible for its delivery to the buyer.

 The artists’ work will remain in our ‘’Competition’’ section of Haute Collage’s website for as long as the artists wish so.



1.    Age Requirement

 Our on-line art competitions are open to all 2-D or 3-D visual artists 15 years of age or older.

 2.    Medium and Style

 Entries must be created in a still medium: painting (oils, acrylics, watercolours, pastels, etc), drawing, photography, digital, fiber art, collage, sculpture etc. All artistic styles and movements are welcome.

 3.    Originality of the works

 All works submitted to Haute Collage’s competitions must be original, created by the person who submits those. The art must be their own original concept and not a copy of anyone else’s material. Upon submitting your work to this competition, you are solely responsible for any infringement on copyrighted materials.

 The artists retain all copyrights to their artwork without exceptions.

 By entering Haute Collage’s art competitions, you are giving us a non-exclusive perpetual licence to reproduce images of your artwork on our website, in our newsletters, and in the marketing of the art competition to the general public. The artworks will not be used for any other purpose than what is stated here. All entries will be displayed on our gallery website. Each entry becomes part of the public, archival online contest catalogue. It can be removed at a later date upon request.

 Haute Collage retains the right to request proof that your entry is your original artwork created only by you. Non-compliance to this rule will be a disqualification of your entry.

 4.    Entry Fees

 The entry fee for the submission of up to two first works is £10For every further entry there will be an additional fee of £5. There is no restriction to the number of pieces that an artist can submit.

 5.    Repeat Entries

 There is no restriction on entering art that has been entered to other or previous competitions.

 6.    File Sizes and Formats

 Your images are best represented at 1000px on the longest side and a resolution of 72dpi. The acceptable file formats are: jpg, gif, png.

 7. The Entry Process:

- Every artist who wants to participate in the competition has to send an e-mail to, attaching a photo of the work of art, and including contact details as well as the medium/ material of the artpiece. 

- The Haute Collage team will approve the entry and send back to the artist a confirmation of approval by e-mail. 

- The artist then will be offered two options of payment; either through the Haute Collage website, or physically at our London gallery, Whiteleys Shopping Centre, Queensway, Bayswater, London W2 4YQ. 

- Within one week from the confirmation of the transaction, at the latest, the entry/ entries will be visible on our website and available for sale. 

- The artist and the payee (if different) will receive a confirmation email.

- If you have any problems or have a question please contact our staff at <> and we will assist you.

 8. Judging Criteria:

 Our jury is composed by gallerists, cultural managers, artists, and the general public through Haute Collage’s website.  

 We are looking for artists whose work reflects their talent and creativity. We consider whether the interpretation of the subject/ theme is creative, whether the work has an interesting originality, and whether there is overall quality and command of the medium being used. We want to see works that can impact the viewer; works that are outstanding creative images. Academic details, such as the composition and the design of the work are also criteria for the selection of our winners.

 The good quality of the images submitted will help our jury understand better the potential of each entry. It is best if the images submitted are no smaller than 600px.

    9.  Entry rejection/ withdrawal and fee refund:

 Haute Collage reserves the right to withdraw any entry at any time and for any reason. In this case, the full amount for the fee paid will be refunded to payee of the entry.

Haute Collage retains the right not to accept an entry if it is of inappropriate, explicit, harmful, or disturbing content. In this case, the full amount for the fee –if already paid- will be refunded to the payee of the entry. 

10. Don't forget to have fun!!!